GWSC is a family-friendly ski club welcoming all water sport disciplines. Our world Class slalom course and water ski jump accommodate all capabilities, from those who ski at a competitive level or social ski. Our members include wake boarders, bare footers and trick skiers who all enjoy the water together.


We run regular ski schools for all levels, from beginners to top level skiers looking for a few extra pointers on their techniques. The ski schools cover all disciplines – slalom, jump, wake boarding, trick skiing and bare footing.

Our clubrooms are open to all members, with a kitchen, BBQ, showers and toilets, including a large shaded area to relax on the river’s edge with a sand bank for kids to play.



Have your details ready and click the link to start. If the link does not directly work – please copy and paste it into your web browser. Please email the treasurer – if there are any problems.
  • Closing date 30th September 2020 at before midnight (IE: 11.59 pm).
  • Please do not leave this membership renewal process to the last minute on this date.
  • Once the online booking portal is closed, any memberships not renewed by this time will become automatically available and offered to those on the waitlist.
  • So get in as early as you can and renew your yearly ski club membership.
On a further note:
A 100% refundable levy for the membership has been added this season and upon completion of any working bees, or volunteer work contributions to our club, then the levy fee will be immediately refunded upon the above said/pre-arranged works being completed. We are encouraging you all to contact us directly during your membership renewal process to nominate what your personal contributions could be to help sustain, maintain, and evolve the GWSC.
Your skill could be a specific trade, a specific skill set, or something that could/would contribute to the running of, the maintenance of, the preservation of and or a contribution to the future and direction of the club. The way you could contribute is of importance to us all, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts as to how you can contribute to the collective running of our club. If you would like to settle for the annual working bee, generally held in November, then that is okay too.  
CCMA boat Permit  = Sticker for boat from CCMA.
In addition, as part of your membership process, your CCMA river permit fee payment has been included in your membership, so as to remove the various ways that payment has been made on the day of boat scrutineering. The $35 fee for the CCMA boat sticker, is collected by GWSC and then that full amount is paid directly to the river authority = CCMA.


Individuals between the age of 18-22 year old, who at the age of 18, are required to leave the Family club membership programme, can receive an Individual membership at no cost if they participate in ONE of the following activities:
  • Option 1 = 3 x events jobs, totalling 10 hours
  • Option 2 = Join as a general committee member for 12 months
  • Option 3 = pay $250 as an individual member.
To apply, please submit your application in writing,
Attn: GWSC Committee Email:
or post to: Geelong Waterski Club Incorporated P.O. Box 151 GEELONG Vic 3220



Please note that boat membership is full.

There are people with boats on the waiting list. (as of September 2019)

The Secretary
Geelong Waterski Club Incorporated
P.O. Box 151
GEELONG   Vic   3220

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The Secretary
Geelong Waterski Club Incorporated
P.O. Box 151
GEELONG Vic 3220

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