2nd April 2020

Dave Barbuto wins the Summer Slalom League

Congratulations Dave on a fantastic season, taking out the Spring and Summer Leagues.

Dave started the season with a PB of 6@31kph and finished with 2@52kph


I can’t wait to see what you do next season Dave




1ST Dave Barbuto – 66pts

2nd Ryan Macdonald – 60.5pts

3rd Emily Perrett – 55.5pts


Congratulations everyone on some great skiing this season.



2nd April 2020

Geelong High Performance Junior Squad

A Geelong Water Ski Club High Performance Squad has recently been announced. The squad includes Ryan Macdonald, Caitlin Macdonald, Caitlin Dennis, Amanda Perrett, Jada Sweeney, Emily Perrett, Jono Leake and Henry Leake.


This is a concept that has recently been developed to help some of our determined juniors reach the standard of skiing they’re aspiring to with help from the coaches we have at the club. These coaches include Matthew Browne, Will Robinson, Tom Ryan and Patrick Crisp who will help mentor the squad on and off the water.


25th February 2020

24 New PB's at the Cash 4 PB tournament

Geelong Skiers had 18 of the 24 PB's.

Jada Sweeney took home the most cash with 3 PB's, 2 were in tricks and the other in Jump.

Ryan Macdonald had 2 PB's in Slalom.

Emily Perrett had PB's in Slalom and Jump.

Jason Jones pushed up his Slalom PB.

Liam Cummins in his first tournament Slalomed well in the first round but still managed a PB in the second round.

Troy Dennis PB'ed in the first round of Slalom and equaled it in the second round.

Jono Leake had a PB in Tricks.

Dave Barbuto had a PB in Tricks. He then had a rating round and achieved half his National Rating.

Amanda Perrett had a PB in Jump.

Caitlin Dennis had a PB in Tricks and 2 PB's in Jump 

Caitlin Macdonald had 2 PB's in Jump.

Highlights of the weekend were the Magnificent Weather and the beautiful meal Eliza Leake prepared for us on Saturday night.




17th February 2020

PB's and Rating at Mulwala

Dave Barbuto had a PB of 1 at 49k and achieved his National Rating at the Mulwala 4 round slalom tournament.

Meanwhile his Dad, Peter notched up 2.5 at 55k 12m for another PB.

Jada Sweeney also had a PB with 3.5 at 52k 13m.

Geelong was represented by 11 skiers.





9th February 2020

Jono Leake excels at the Aussie Kiwi Challenge in New Zealand

Jono Leake represented Australia for the first time at the Aussie Kiwi Challenge at Lake Crichton in New Zealand.


He had a PB in slalom of 2 at 12m in the first round and followed up with 1 at 12m in the second round. This put him in second place just half a buoy behind the winner. In tricks he came 11th.


His jumps of 26.2m and 28.7m put him strongly into second place. He was 4th overall.

Brilliant international debut. Well done Jono.



9th February 2020

More PB's and records at the Australian Masters

Pb's came from:

Jada Sweeney tricks 2520,

Patrick Crisp 7270 (New Victorian over 21 record)

Sue Crisp 2130 (with new  Victorian and Australian record of 2060),

Henry Leake 3 at 13m,

Jono Leake 4.5 at 13m and 0 at 12m.





9th February

6 Geelong skiers at the Australian Junior Masters create 13 new PB's

Geelong club members Caitlin Dennis Jada Sweeney, Caitlin and Ryan Macdonald, Jono and Henry Leake all had PB's at the the AJM at Stoney Park Port Macquarie.

Jono 3.5 at 13m and 30.5m.

Ryan 2290 and 19.7m

Caitlin Macdonald 13.5m

Henry 3 at 14.25, 2 at 13m, 1580 and 14.5m

Jada 22.4m and 23.6m

Caitlin Dennis 2 at 14.25m and 11.9m.



9th February

Emily and Jason PB at Latrobe.

Geelong club members Angus Freemantle, Emily Perrett and Jason Jones PB'ed at the Vic Trophy Series at Latrobe.

Emily scored 2.5 at 52k and then backed it up with 4 at 52k in the second round.

Jason Jones pushed his PB up to 4 at 52. Getting closer to the National Rating.

Angus had 1.5 at 49k and then 2.5 at 49k for 2 PB's out of his 3 rounds of slalom.


17th January 2020

5 Geelong skiers at the Australian Junior Development School

Geelong club members Jada Sweeney, Caitlin and Ryan Macdonald, Jono and Henry Leake all went to the Australian Development School at Stoney Park, Port Macquarie this week. It is a great achievement to be selected for this school and they will have had a marvelous opportunity to improve their skills. 


6th January 2020

Geelong skiers represent Victoria at the SA v Vic Challenge

Geelong club members Patrick Crisp, Mark and Tom Bunge represented Victoia at the SA verses Vic Challenge at Bedrock South Australia. Victoria won. 


6th January 2020

Sue breaks trick records at Mulwala

Sue Crisp has set 2 pending Australian and Victorian trick records at the Mulwala Open tournament in NSW.

Dave Barbuto set new tournament PBs in slalom. This was Dave's first tournament in division 5 and he had a magnificent tournament running his first pass each round.

Pete Barbuto continued his good form getting into 12 metres again.

30th December 2019


Following a neighbor's noise complaint would you please stay on the club side of the power lines if you are skiing earlier than 7:30am

22nd December 2019

Dave Barbuto started the spring league with best scores of 6 at 31kph. He finished the league with scores of 2 and 3 buoys at 46kph.  It was always going to be hard to keep up with that level of improvement. His Dad, Pete gave it a shot and came second moving from best scores at 13m to scores into 12m. A strong third was Alex Werner who improved from 43kph to 55kph. Doing well in the Leagues relies on skiing as close to your best, putting in lots of scores as well as occasionally improving your PBs.

The Summer League starts on 12th January and runs through to the Nationals at Easter 13 weeks with the best 9 to count. This will be the longest League to date and will cover the most tournaments. It should produce an interesting result. Make sure to send your scores to Sue.

22nd December 2019

Rebuilt jump has been christened

 After months of work, the rebuilt jump has been christened. On Monday 16th December Peter Smith a skier at the Geelong Ski Clinic successfully landed his first jump of the set.

Congratulations and thanks to all who worked on the project., including Mike Leake, Troy Dennis, Mark Macdonald, Ray Perrett, Marc McDowell, David Tatasciore, Jai Herbert and Peter Barbuto

21st December 2019

New PBs

Geelong skiers have achieved new PBs 

Bridgewater TWSV Series

Jada Sweeney had PBs in slalom 5 at 52k 13m and 19.8 and 19.9m  in jump.

Flynn Sheldon had a PB in jump with 38.2m. 

Albury Malibu

Alexei Werner 5 at 55k 18.25m

Nick Werner 4 at 55k 14.25m

Mulwala Malibu

Caitlin Dennis 1 at 52k 14.25m

Troy Dennis 4.5 on the Mini course

Jada Sweeney 2300 trick points

Henry Leake 10.4m jump

Big Red in Darwin

Peter Barbuto 2 at 55k 12m

13 OCT 2019

Course survey

The slalom and jump courses will be surveyed on 16th and 17th November.

Would everyone not involved please stay clear of the surveyors?

When they are working on the slalom course the stretch of river to the island will be open and then when the surveyors are on the jump course the slalom end will be open.

12 OCT 2019

Trick judging practice session

An opportunity to practice and develop your trick judging skills.

Saturday morning 11:00am 13th October.

2 OCT 2019

Boat scrutineering Sunday 6th October at the Club House

Bring your boat, all safety gear, boat licence, registration and insurance paperwork and $35 for the river permit to the Club between 9 and noon on Sunday 6th October.

Bring your club key. We will change it over to the new one. The locks will change on Sunday.

Make sure your membership is paid up to date before you come.

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