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GWSC is a family-friendly ski club welcoming all water sport disciplines. Our International Class slalom course and water ski jump accommodate all capabilities, from those who ski at a competitive level or social ski. Our members include wake boarders, bare footers and trick skiers who all enjoy the water together.


We run regular ski schools for all levels, from beginners to top level skiers looking for a few extra pointers on their techniques. The ski schools cover all disciplines – slalom, jump, wake boarding, trick skiing and bare footing.

Our clubrooms are open to all members, with a kitchen, BBQ, showers and toilets, including a large shaded area to relax on the river’s edge with a sand bank for kids to play.



For all new membership enquiries please contact James at
For all renewals please use the links below.
Boat Membership Renewal -
Non Boat Membership Renewal - 
New Membership Applications & boat waiting list application - Please email your inquiry to
New Fishing Membership Application - Please email your inquiry to This membership category is for a gate key and the applicable CCMA fee if you wish to join with a boat. 
Committee members & Life Members renewal - Will be sent directly, if you haven't received your renewal please email
The club will continue to offer a Young Adult Membership next season for those under 23 years pold who do not fall into the student category. Participants must complete 12 hours of  voluntary work for the club. Please contact the committee to discuss your eligibility.
Please note that our boat memberships are currently full, please still submit your application via the above link which will secure your boat a position in the waiting list. When a position becomes available the committee will contact you, waiting list fees apply.



Richard Crisp

WAWA accredited Trick coach


Sue Crisp

WAWA accredited Slalom & trick coach


Patrick Crisp

WAWA accredited 3 event coach


Glenn Porter

WAWA accredited coaching all facets of water skiing including barefoot competition training, show ski training & performance creation.

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